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canon ae-1 
canon 50mm fd
Fujicolor Pro 400H, Ilford HP5 Plus 400

with only backpack and camera in hand, i set off for southeast asia that summer. first landing a teaching gig in klaten - centra java - indonesia. room & board, food was all covered. in exchange, i would be teaching the local children english. the local teachers wanted me to have a better understanding of their culture. i rode on their motorbike - the norm in java - seeing the locals make noodles & tofu from scratch. in essence so simple, yet so fascinating for a first world visitor. i met a sulfur miner in east java, mount ijen. years of carrying 70 kgs up and down the volcanic terrain had battered his body yet not broken his spirits. the sulfur miners don't have long to live. most have a life expectancy of fifty years - but they make that sacrifice - to send money to their families back home

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